2019 San Diego Comic-con

I had a blast at this year’s Comic-con. I dressed up as Lando Calrissian and made blue Cloud City Margaritas!

Grasiela Rodriguez
Two Landos for the price of one!
San Diego Comicon
View from the Hilton Bayfront.
Bride of Chucky
These collectible dolls were a hoot! I love the Bride of Chucky and the other Chucky movies.
Annabel & Pennywise
Pennywise and Annabelle collectible dolls.
Jordan Peele's Us
These were my favorite cosplayers this year, they came dressed up as the “Tethered” from Jordan Peele’s “Us”. They were great, I also captured them on my osmo pocket. I’ll have to post the footage from that when I download it.
Jordan Peele's Us
Oh-Oh, they see me!
Jordan Peele's Us
Here they come!
Hotel del Coronado
On the last day of Comicon, we visited the Hotel del Coronado, across the San Diego Bay. The wooden Victorian beach resort is the second-largest wooden structure in the United States (after the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon) and was designated a California Historical Landmark in 1970 and a National Historic Landmark in 1977.